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This is the manual for the theme photo for the blogsoftware Serendipity.


photo is available via Spartacus. If Spartacus is installed, it should be available under "Settings->Themes".

After the installation, you still need to create the custom field to embed the photos into the entry that will also be shown in the overview:
  1. Install the plugin Extended properties for entries (serendipity_event_entryproperties)
  2. Enter its configuration
  3. Create a customfield **featuredImage**

Adding entry photos

When writing an entry, there will be a section "Custom Fields" at the bottom. There, click on the image icon of the featuredImage field and select the one you want.


onli blogging on : Photo 1.0 veröffentlicht und in Spartacus

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Vorhin habe ich photo im Forum vorgestellt und auf Spartacus hochgeladen. So sieht es jetzt aus (in der hellen Variante): Es hat sich ein bisschen was seit dem ersten Blogpost darüber getan. Zuerst bin ich durch Yellowleds Anmerkungen gegangen. Dementspr


pra on :

It s working find if i put 1 picture but i always 1 picture if put several ex :
in config for custom fiels i put :
if i put only featuredImage we can t see pictures

after for each line i give the path for 1 picture

i use the latest version of s9y (2.0.2)

thank you for your help

onli on :

Hi pra
To support featuredImage1, featuredImage2 and so on would be a nice function. Currently it does not work like that, it is just looking at what is is featuredImage. Additional images should be put just in the entry editor, so they are shown when the entry is opened.

You could of course modify entries.tpl to access and show {$} and the others.

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